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Waterlily™ Viscoelastic

Waterlily™ Viscoelastic that ensures the following features, thanks to its viscoelasticity and highly breathable cell structure:

  • to self-adapt via the body's thermal action;
  • to minimise the pressure points;
  • to improve breathing by favouring the dispersion of humidity produced by the body;
  • to achieve an high level of comfort even in the most critical conditions;
  • to absorb and gradually distribute the body weight over a large area in a regular and balanced way.

Over the last few decades viscoelastic foams or slow return foams have enjoyed increasing interest from the market thanks to their special features to adapt to shapes and to absorb energy and vibrations. This feature makes them especially suitable to the production of ergonomic mattresses, pillows and cushions.

Experience and technological research enabled ORSA Foam S.p.A. to develop a foam like Waterlily™ Viscoelastic.

The combination of Waterlily™ with Waterlily™ Viscoelastic offers the opportunity to produce mattresses with a brand name that is well known on the market and characterised by high technical value.

For further information: http://www.waterlily.it/


  Waterlily™ Viscoelastic P

  Waterlily™ Viscoelastic E

  Waterlily™ Viscoelastico CM VE

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